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Friday, December 30, 2011

Kasadyaan san Alumni sa JZSES (The First Grand Reunion Since 1934-present)

As the School PTA President of Jose Zurbito Sr. Elementary School and as an alumna myself of this school and having finished as school valedictorian for Batch 1995,  I initiated the idea of organizing the first ever Grand Alumni Reunion. This has never been done before, but together with my fellow PTA Officers,  especially Ma'am Angelita R. Titong, who used to be my teacher and now a fellow PTA Officer as Secretary, who have also dreamt of having this occasion, the event was made possible. It was a vision that has been realized with the support of the JZSES faculty, the JZSESTA, the Homeroom PTA Officers and the different batch Valedictorians, Salutatorians and Honors students. I also have to thank most especially the staff of the Office of the Vice Governor Vince Revil (my ever supportive husband, also an alumnus of JZSES) for facilitating with registration.

This was the First ever Grand Reunion and thank God that it was made possible. Hopefully, this can be the start of a worthy tradition for the succeeding years to come.

So here are the photos of the event--->

The Registration Booth

A  Motorcade to start the event

The oldest Batch participants.

Me and My Dad, we both studied at JZSES. 

The Briefing and Election of Alumni Officers

A Mass Officiated by no less than Rev. Bishop Jose Bantolo

The Alumni Night

The Oath Taking of Alumni Officers

The Speech by the Guest Speaker Msgr. Claro V. Caluya

A Presentation and Caroling by the Rondalla Club

Our daughter Bavick is part of it.

The Awarding Ceremonies

The Search for King and Queen of the Alumni Night

There were a lot of other photos of the presentations and intermission numbers of the different batches. I shall upload them at my Facebook account. There was also a photo booth by Wishbone Services. 

I know I look so haggard in my photos, too tired from all the preparations. Was in that shirt from morning at the Motorcade until the evening. It was so hot by the way, but thank God it didn't rain at all on that day. We really prayed hard for a good weather and it was given us. 

My gratitude goes first and foremost to our dear Lord who blessed this event and made it possible. 

In behalf of the organizers, I would also like to express our gratitude to Bishop Bantolo, the 3rd Bishop of Masbate who officiated the Mass and Msgr. Claro Caluya, an alumnus of JZSES who was the Guest Speaker for the Alumni Night.

Thank you also to all those who supported this event- my fellow PTA Officers, the Office of VG Vince Revil (my very supportive husband), the School Admin and Teachers along with JZSESTA (Teachers Asso.), the different batches and their officers and also those who registered even if not able to come, thank you still. 

To all of you who willingly supported our cause that is to reunite the Alumni to give back to our beloved JZSES, our dear Alma Mater, thank you so much.

Without all of you, this event would not have been more meaningful.
God bless us all! 

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"K" Revealed