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God bless.

"K" Revealed

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Provincial Government of Masbate presents A Christmas Broadway Musical (A Show for the People of Masbate)

The Provincial Government of Masbate sponsored a Broadway Musical Show for its beloved Masbatenyos. In lieu of a Christmas Party wherein they will enjoy it among themselves, the Province held this activity to give delight and entertainment for its people.

So we gladly brought our children with us for them to witness this show, which was free of charge.

They surely enjoyed it, most especially with the surprise that...

Tadahhh!!! Their own dad was a performer...

A star at that.

And of course, who says I'm not part of it too? A leading man always has a leading lady, right?

So here goes...

Now here's the part I had my showdown too...

and surely he was mesmerized... 

(hehehe) =)

But as always, like in any movie or theatrical act, it cannot go without a villain...

Was he able to resist it?

Must have been tough. But it is always a choice just like in real life, whether to go with the temptation or not. And in our story... of course, it was a happy ending! =)

A good decision results in a happy disposition,

a less complicated life,

a healthy relationship,

a joyful heart,

a blissful living,

despite possible trials, tribulations and temptations.

It all redounds to a choice, because we have been given the free will by God.

But we must know our limitations too.

Always seeking the guidance from up above and

as it is in real life, a happy ending is always possible.

And once we know how to have that, let us gladly share it to others too.

For a shared life is always more meaningful and fulfilling.

Did you like it? Wait until you see the others too! They were just as great, colorful, vibrant and pleasing.

 Hereunder are more photos of those...

Beauty and the Beast

Mama Mia


Jesus Christ, Superstar.

Sister Act



High School Musical

Sound of Music


West Side Story


I wasn't able to take photos of others as we were preparing for our presentation too. We were entry #8. So those before us and after us I wasn't able to take some photos of them.

Then there were the speeches and talks given...

by our beloved Governor Rizalina "Dayan" Seachon-Lanete

and my husband, Atty. Vince B. Revil, the Vice Governor. =)

And then, the winners were announced. There were 3 out of 14 
who made it to the top: 1. Beauty and the Beast 2. Mama Mia and 3. Oklahoma (I wasn't able to take much photos of this one as I was busy making sure our props are good and we prayed first as a team so that we wouldn't be nervous presenting.

the Chairman of the Board of Judges (Jesi Howard S. Lanete)

I was told by the Chairman of the Board of Judges that our team, the Vice Governor's Office which presented "Saturday Night Fever" actually placed 4th. We missed by .3. Not bad. =) But still we are very thankful because we know that all the teams actually did really really well. Everyone gave their best. If I were to judge, it would be so hard because none is not at its best. =) Congratulations to the different offices of the Provincial Government of Masbate for showing their unity and cooperation! Hopefully this can be done yearly and hopefully the kind of presentation which is at its best will be carried through also when it comes to performance of jobs, tasks and responsibilities for that of the public.

awarding time...

And then there was fellowship, food and fun...
Governor Dayan and Vice Governor Vince
Vice Governor Vince and Cong. S Lanete

me with R (son of Gov. Dayan) and Angel (wife of Cong. S)

me with my aunt Joan Celera who works at the Governor's Office

 It was surely a joyful night, not just for me and my family, but most especially for the rest of us...
in the Province of Masbate.

(photobooth  c/o Wishbone Services)

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

May God be the center of all our celebrations this season, for it is because of Him that there is what we call "Christmas".

  "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."- John 3:16

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