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God bless.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Azta Urban Salon- Forum Robinsons Mall (Pioneer) Christmas Party

I have a Beauty Business. =) I am lucky to have such artistic, talented and harworking team of stylists and hygiene specialists. We aim to be the #1 chosen beauty partner of people, especially of friends. We have been in the business for almost one year now and I am proud to say that we are growing and our clients are satisfied with the results of the service we give. Check out our page and like it for more info here-- http://www.facebook.com/pages/Azta-Urban-Salon-Forum-Robinsons-Mall-Pioneer/139694722764776 

Now that it's Christmas, as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ who came to save mankind, we had a Christmas party for our staff.

Meet the creative team of Azta Urban Salon- Forum Robinsons Mall (Pioneer).

I couldn't thank them enough for the good job that they are doing for my business so aside from the 13th month pay that I distributed to all of them, we also prepared a Noche Buena Package for their families.

Good thing my sister Cris helped me pack all of it. I did the grocery immediately upon arriving at Manila then packed them right away as it was on that same day that I arrived that we had our Christmas party.

We had a great bonding doing our packing.

My sister by the way is my New Operations Manager. She runs it for me while I'm based in Masbate.

The Noche Buena Package
 We also prepared some raffle prizes in which everyone is to win something. =)

The Raffle Prizes

Some raffle prizes weren't wrapped anymore as we run out of Christmas wrappers. It was also very nice of the Azta Main Office to have sent some gift packs too for our staff c/o Unilever Products. Thank you Gupit Industriya! =)

A party ain't a party without food and some goodies... Here's what I've come up with half a day to prepare.

Lumpiang Sariwa c/o Elarz Lechon (owned by my Ateneo Law Professor Atty. Howie Calleja)

Lechon c/o Elarz Lechon (owned by my Ateneo Law Professor Atty. Howie Calleja)
I know some people do not really eat "Lechon", but for most of us, it's also become a symbol of celebration. Since we are celebrating I thought of having one, especially that I want my staff to feel that they are really special for me. =)

So at the party, we started it off with a prayer lead by me and a short speech on my part as the owner. 

Pardon for my looks, had an errandful day doing grocery then wrapping the gifts and packages, didn't get to find time to even fix my hair or dress-up. =)

had some chitchats with the staff before eating

My husband Vince and the Azta Head Office Managers

Me with our Azta staff

 Then we had our raffle draw... And the winners? Everyone!!! =)

Then we ate and did the traditional "Manito Manita/ Exchange Gifts".

And the bonus part (after the giving of the 13th month pay) is tadahhh...

Everyone gets to sing their favorite songs and get the chance to win the Videoke Challenge. Won't post everyone's photo anymore. Just the Star Singer's...

Melisa Velhagen, the Operations Manager

And that of the winner who got the highest Videoke score--

Arnel! =)

It was surely a fun and memorable Christmas party we had. =) I am certainly looking forward to our future celebrations with Azta. 

In all of these, I hope that people will not forget why we even celebrate Christmas. I say so because, in the too much traditionalism that exists, we tend to put aside the very reason why there is even Christmas- which is the best celebration ever and the most important one for our lives- the birth of Jesus Christ, who was given by God to save mankind. Hence the gift-giving that has been commonplace for everyone during this season. As we give, let us not forget the primary giver, who gave our lives and most especially, His only son, who died at the cross for our sins.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."- John 3:16

My prayer is for us to remember the real meaning of Christmas and keep it in our hearts.

God bless everyone! =)

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