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Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Love Letter To Our First Born Son: Kevin Viktor C. Revil (photos from his 4th bday "Harry Potter" party)

Dear Kevin,

By the time you get to read Mommy's love letter to you, perhaps you're a grown up already. I hope you're doing great and I pray that you be blessed even beyond our dreams and plans for you or even higher than those goals that you have for yourself. My son, as I write this right now, it is Christmas time. In a few hours from this writing would be the traditional "Noche Buena" wherein families, friends and loved ones gather together to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, who came to save the whole of mankind. 

I thought of writing this to you now because Mommy feels the gravity of what occurred 2011 years ago, when God gave His only son to cover for all of our sins. Mommy feels the love that God gave for all of us by giving His son to die for us at the cross. I could not fathom the sacrifice that was made so that we can all be saved. I say so because I believe in my heart that no one can ever do the same. Me and your dad, we love you very much and we cannot ever, not even in our wildest imagination can we think of giving your life for others. Sometimes we make some sacrifices too. We spend not so much time with you sometimes because we have to attend to a lot of other responsibilities. Your dad, being in public service now also have little time with the family as he attends to all his tasks and duties, being the Vice Governor of our beloved Province of Masbate. The sacrifices that we make so that we can serve the public with the best of what we can could not go beyond the sacrifice of time, money and effort. Your life and limb would never be thought of being sacrificed at all. 

 Imagine the gravity of what God has done when He sacrificed His son Jesus for all of us. That is beyond compare! My mind is blown away every time I think of that. Truly, His love for humankind is so wide, so high and so deep that He even had to let His son die for us at the cross. Such that God is the perfect epitome of what love is. Such that when we think of love, we must think of Him. When we do, we go beyond the ordinary. We follow the ways by which He showed to us. To love is to extend ourselves beyond our comfort zones, beyond what we can do conveniently. When we love, God is the standard. Such standard is so high that naturally no human can ever be at par. We as human, we fall short, we sin, we ask for forgiveness, we sin again, we repent again, we always fall, but with His grace, we can conquer sin. He already did for us. We have to just accept Him as our Lord and Savior and decide to follow the path he has laid for us. As I would often tell, it is always a decision which we can make. I hope that as you read this, you are a man who have decided to love God with all your heart and with all your mind and when you do, you'd also love others as you love Him. His teachings which we can find in the Bible must give guidance to you. It is our source of wisdom. Nothing rises higher than the source. He is the Alpha and the Omega. His words in the Bible give meaning to our lives here on earth. God must be First in our lives dear son. First is First, meaning number one, top priority. All else will just follow after Him and when you do that, life will be so much better. 

Attached herewith in this letter are your photos of your recent 4th birthday celebration. Your brother King Vincent had his 2nd birthday party. After we had that for him, you approached me and your Dad and you exclaimed "Mommy, Daddy, tagai man akon birthday, like King!" (Mommy, Daddy please give me a birthday, like that of King's) You meant the party. How can Mommy refuse that!? You asked for it. We, your parents would always want what's best for our children, so we gave it to you. =)

If we your earthly parents could give to you when you asked, how much more your Father in heaven, who is the owner of everything that you can ever think of. He is all powerful and mighty that whatever you ask in His name, He can give to you. Sometimes, we may ask but the answer can be "no", but that doesn't mean that it's not what's best for us. God's love is beyond understanding. His ways are not our ways and thank God He is more than our limited minds. He loves us perfectly and without conditions. So dear Kevin, if you have any problems or anything, first thing to do is PRAY. Everything will be okay when you do that. As to the next thing to do, He will guide you. Just have faith, believe in your heart that He heard you. He works in mysterious ways. Just trust Him. He feels and sees your heart. God bless you our first born son! We love you. But remember, God loves you even more. Make Him first in your life. 


P.S. Daddy agrees to all of this too. =)

So here are your photos...



Food & Catering by Tinz Catering & Services of Tina Zafra- Anonuevo
Photobooth & Other Photos by Wishbone Services

Thanks to all those who joined us in celebrating, most especially Lolo Ven & Lola Hilda, Lolo Juancho & Lola Modette, all of the Abelita, Bajar, Celera, Gerona and Revil families and our very special friends who came, including our dear Governor of the Province of Masbate, Hon. Rizalina "Dayan" Seachon-Lanete and the diffent Provincial Government Department Heads. Thank you for celebrating with us. 

God bless us all! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance! =)


  1. WOW!!
    where should i begin? just where?
    i absolutely adore your letter!! it says perfect things!! you must be an amazing mother!!
    i need this party done for myself!! i am obsessed with HP, and I love this so much!! congratulations!!
    your son looks spectacular!! absolutely adorable!! love him!! what a perfect little Harry Potter!! God bless him!! Best wishes for him and the rest of your family!!

  2. Wow, it was an amazing letter to read, and I've seen amany blog posts, but nothing like this one! I love how you as a mom try to incorporate your loves into one post, God, son, family, and well the love for posting. I hope that you are well, : ).

    From Chictopian to Chictopian,
    Crystal xx


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