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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Raffle Draw for a Cause Sponsored by VG Vince Revil (Kasadyaan san Kabataan sa JZSES, A Tribute to Our Beloved Alma Mater)

Amy Grant once said "Giving is never accidental, it is always intentional."
I totally agree with her, for indeed, giving is a decision that we make. It is an act that we choose to do. It is never compelled nor imposed upon. For surely, it comes only from the benevolence of our hearts.

As School PTA President, I initiated to hold a raffle draw for the students of JZSES. Prior to the Raffle Draw was a day dedicated for games and fun for the children. The kids together with the teachers and us the parents, really had a great time with the playing and bonding activity we had. The children learned and enjoyed at the same time. Sportsmanship, alertness, presence of mind, friendship and wisdom went hand in hand during the "Kasadyaan san Kabataan".
 Good thing, we had some donations and most especially the raffle draw prizes of P5000, P4000, P3000 and 10 P500s which were donated by my public servant husband- Vice Governor Vince Revil. I am really thankful that we have been placed in the position that we may extend service above ourselves.

We are both products of JZSES and we are forever grateful to all our teachers who shaped us to who we have become.  Thank you Sirs and Ma'ams for all the hard work and inspiration you shared with us.  

 Now, it is our time to give back.

 For the good of the school.

 For the love of the teachers.

 For the support of its activities and causes.

 For priority of Education.

 For the best interests of the children.

 For the welfare of our beloved Alma Mater.

 It is our honor to help.

 As much as we can and as much as possible.

 It is our way of saying "Thank you for everything!"

Together with the School PTA, JZSES we love you!

 You will always be dear to our hearts.

 From this generation to the next,

we salute you for a job well done!

We pray that God always be at the center of this institution.

To guide and guard, to protect and love.

 We also pray that this children to whom we give our hearts to would someday also do the same- just like when we used to be kids, some other people too offered their love and we were the recipients. Now it is time to give back.

Lead in giving.

Serve without counting the costs.

For God is Love.

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