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God bless.

"K" Revealed

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Brother! (Adolfo G. Celera III)

I have a brother, his name is Adolfo G. Celera III, named after our grandfather Atty. Adolfo V. Celera and our dad Adolfo P. Celera Jr..
It is his birthday today!

Hereunder are photos of my brother's Capping Ceremonies last month. He may be wondering why I haven't uploaded so soon. Well, I purposely reserved it for today, his birthday!  Happy birthday Jan-Jan! =)

Oh how time slips away so fast! I can still recall cuddling him when he was such a cute and adorable baby. Now, he is all grown-up. Still cute, isn't he? =)
Then came his bullying my friends and classmates when they were in our house and I started seeing the little monster in him. He would call them names and would flip on the skirts of my girl friends.  Days of innocence, yeah? 

Then when I get so mad already he would tell me that he likes me more than our other sister for he knows that it shall earn for him his 
forgiveness. =)

Am I my brother's keeper? Why not, right? Regardless the petty fights, occasional tricks and bouts, still, love among siblings can never be put aside. Blood is blood. The bond that exists no matter the gap still will always find it's way back to the very root of it all- the love that the Father has given to us and manifested through the fervor and lessons by our parents.

I love this boy and I hope he knows it. We aren't even Facebook friends, he looks to me as the strict sister, the disciplinarian one, so there has been that gap. Hopefully though, he'll realize that the lessons I'm imparting for him is all for his benefit in the end.
I know him as a sweet young gentleman, most of the time quiet, but as they say, silent waters run deep, so what do you think? 
I think so too. =)
To be the bearer of a name that has held such a good reputation in the society is perhaps a tall order that even now that he is in nursing school, he is still considering taking up law also. He hasn't told us about it, but a close friend of his told us that it's what he said that he wants. 

Our grandfather indeed left us with a big inspiration to continue with his footsteps. Just as I have become a lawyer , my brother  also aims to be a lawyer. Although, we are already encouraging him to go for Medical School instead. We'll let's see, time will tell. Our plans, his plans, all these we raise up to God, the Father Almighty for He knows best all the time.

He's our one and only brother and we love him very much! He's such a favorite in the family being the only son and one of the two to continue on with the Adolfo Celera Clan. I say so because only my dad Juancho and his brother (my uncle) Atty. Ricky Celera who have sons. He started High School at the Seminary, but later went out and never told us why, but in my own guess it might be that he knows, priesthood is a calling that has not really dawned on him.

We love you Jan! Always remember that we are always here for you, no matter what! Happy birthday brother! God bless you and your dreams! Just lift it all up to Him and for sure you'll do great. <3

God be your guide all through your lifetime...

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