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"K" Revealed

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sinulog 2012 Grand Prize Winner: MASBATE

I am so proud of our Masbate "Culturang Placereno" Contingents! Congratulations to our team headed by our dear Mayor J Lanete of Placer and Cong. S Lanete of the 3rd District of Masbate for we won the Grand Prize of P1Million at the Sinulog Festival at Cebu City! Apart from getting the 1st place in the Sinulog Base Competition, we also won Best in Costume and Musicality!

Once again we brought pride and honor to our beloved Province of Masbate! For that, our Provincial Government through the leadership of our dear Gov. Rizalina "Dayan" Seachon-Lanete and our dear Vice Governor Vince Revil (if you want to be updated on him click his name and it would lead to his page) made sure that our fellow Masbatenyos also be able to witness the performance at our own town.

So now,  here are the photos of this repeat performance held at the Masbate Grand Stand...

If you want to watch the performance that made it champ Click here!!!

Last year we were also grand prize winner, if you want to check that too, you may do so by clicking this!!!

Did you feel the intensity?

Now this is the part that I'm doing a bit of fashion blogging since this blog is under the Fashion and Beauty Category at the Philippine Bloggers Directory...

So here goes...

My son accompanied me as his nanny was the one who took my photos. Her name is Palang. She's with our family for almost 5 years now. Through time, she has learned how I want my photos to be somehow. Hihihi. =)

First shot is with my best accessory ever, my handsome little man.

Then just me, while he runs around the field.

The wind was blowing my poise off.

But got to try posing anyway and make use of the wind. I actually love the wind effect if I have a good hair day. But here, I went out of the house hurriedly so didn't have the chance to fix it well. =) 

Anyway, here's to the shy poser. Hahaha. There are people. =)

But for my fashion blog, okay I'll do it and with a little drama. =)

How's this look? =)

How about this? =)

I wonder, which one should be posted at Chictopia

Maybe this? Let me know what you think. =)

Thank you for your support on my blogging. I really enjoy doing this. =)

Once again, Congratulations Masbate!!! God bless us all!!!

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  1. wow dear!! this seems so fun!! i adore your chic dress!! beautiful color!! both pictures are perfect but i prefer the last one for chictopia!!


"K" Revealed