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Hello! My name is Kaye Celera Revil, welcome to my page! My posts here are mainly on my being any of these- an obedient daughter to my loving parents; a mother to four wonderful children; a wife of a faithful public servant; an Atenean lawyer; the initiator founder of Victoria in Lege Sorority of Ateneo Law; a university scholar and alumna of UP Diliman; a Sigma Deltan; a businesswoman who delights in making other people beautiful; a fashion and food lover; a Filipino Bikolano Masbatenyo who loves Masbate, the Philippines and its people; and a passionate Christian who seeks to live a life that honors God and make a difference. Hope you'll enjoy reading my posts! Feel free to follow, like and subscribe! =)
God bless.

"K" Revealed

Monday, January 30, 2012

Liberate Your Style With My Blog Give Away!!!

It's never too late for a New Year Make-Over! For that, I'm giving you the chance to win a DIGITAL PERMING treat at my salon- Azta Urban Salon-Forum Robinsons Mall (Pioneer).


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Blog Give Away is open for everyone but may not be convertible to cash. It can be transferred however to others or be given as gift and is claimable within 3 months from Feb 28, 2012. Contest is open until Feb. 28, 2012 at 12 midnight. Mechanics must be strictly followed. Missing out on a step will disqualify one from the contest. Winner will be chosen based on the number of friends invited to like the pages and will be announced through the 2 pages aforementioned on March 1, 2012. 

So what are you waiting for, get the liberation begin!!!
Good luck!!!
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SOS when it rains?

Living in a tropical country requires outfits that are light, breezy and comfortable, lest you'd want to be sweating non-stop. I know there are air condition provisions, yet still, fashion revelations would shy away from heavy and layered outfits as we would normally transfer from one place to another, then requiring short walks under the sun. This is true most especially in our Province, the beautiful Masbate, an island surrounded by white sand beaches, hence the usual humid weather that we have which usually calls for the usual summer look.

Although as much as I can hide from the sun, I also do not really love it too when it rains. It has this gloomy feel and the thought of having to bring an umbrella along with my usually heavy bag is not so welcomed. For the benefit of fashion however,  I've learned to take delight when it rains, as I just think that it's a chance to wear something different.

So since it's been raining today, here's the look...
 *Note: Pink is my happy color. Although as I've said the rains makes me feel gloomy I've tried to sport my happy color to avert that feeling. So here goes, hope you like it. =)

Now what about SOS? (read: Save Our Ship/Save Our Souls/Send Out Succour). Is it Pink for me? Nah! It's God. It's always been Him, rain or shine.

Hope you find refuge in Him too. He is always there for you, regardless of what you are and what you've done. 
He is our Father and we are His children. He is always the best SOS for all circumstances. 

God bless! =)

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Azta Urban Salon-Forum Robinsons Mall (Pioneer) Styles AJ Rafael & Co.

Meet the Creative Team of Stylists and Hygiene Specialists of my salon- Azta Urban Salon inside Robinsons Mall at Pioneer, EDSA. 

We have been blessed to be the chosen partner for AJ Rafael's Concert in Manila, held last Jan. 18, 2012 at the Music Museum at Greenhills. Find out about this concert here: Press and Play! 

Also, you may be wondering how it happened that our salon got this deal. If you want to know the story you may check it here:  REVEALED: A Random Azta of Kindness

Before the event...

 Our expert make-up artist Louie did my make-up.

He made it a bit dark for the music concert and to match my outfit.

This is my sister Maricris. She is my Operations Manager at my salon. Louie did her make-up too.

Tadahh! Ready to go, we are!  =)

Together with us were senior stylists Joei and Mon and our Branch Manager Maricel.

Do you want to listen to AJ Rafael's song? Sure! Play this while reading on my blog.


The Styling...


Light Make-Up

Did you like his song? For another one: PRESS and PLAY to listen here!!!

So now here's him! Do you like the make-over we did? Bet you do coz he liked it a lot for himself too! =)

Then we did the rest of the band members too...

Can't get enough of his songs? Here's another one you'll love: PRESS HERE and PLAY!

Concert time...

Remember Krissy and Ericka!? We are so proud to have the chance to style them again! 

One perquisite we loved was to be seated in front...

Our stylists enjoyed watching the show too.

So did we. =)

She is Krissy and Ericka's mom, who happened to be my Sigma Deltan sister.

Sisters bonding, we had. =)

AJ fan signed his poster for our salon. 

Then, we were able to distribute our flyers to the people in the concert. We were so proud to tell them that we did AJ Rafael's haircut and styling together with the rest of the group. They were also delighted to know that when David Choi came, we also did his haircut and styling for his concert.

They were glad to know about us and promised to visit soon. 

Thank you for being nice AJ and for promoting us too! 

This is Pauline, the lady I am most thankful for. If you still don't know why, read on my blog: 

Then we did the retouch for the second show...

Then we were able to meet and greet Sam Concepcion...

Thank you again for this opportunity Pauline! 

After we did the retouch, we excused ourselves already as we knew that there were more people for the 2nd show, we wanted to give way to this huge crowd the seats reserved for us. We knew that there would be a lot who will be in standing ovation already. So since we fully watched the first show already we didn't anymore stay.

We went out instead and celebrated the opportunity! Thank God for all of it!  =)

After our sumptuous dinner, we went back to say Goodbye. 

We are hoping and praying that there would be next time. 

More power to you AJ Rafael and your band and your managing team especially to Pauline!

All the best to Krissy and Ericka too!

God bless us all!

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"K" Revealed