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"K" Revealed

Monday, April 23, 2012

Oh What Makes You Glitter?

How many of you enjoy being witness to weddings? 
Because I do!
I love love love attending weddings! 
                 So here in these photos we attended three special summer weddings. =)

So let's see.
My favorite part in a wedding is that when the bride walks down the aisle. 
I'm always teary eyed during that part. 
Then I also love the part where the couple do their exchange of vows. 
Being witness to that makes me feel like I'm also renewing my own vow of commitment, faithfulness and love. 

The first wedding we attended here was that of Juvielleth and Michael's. It was a lovely garden wedding by the beach and the pool area of 7AR Resort. The motif was somewhat turquoise and blue so this was my outfit. 

Dress: Forever21; Stilettos: Charles & Keith; Purse: LV Monogram Speedy

In attending weddings, I usually would dress the color of the motif so to blend with the crowd. 
The one I'm wearing here is actually just a mix and match of a wardrobe. The pieces (kimono and glittery dress inside) aren't really together when I got them, but they are of the same brand. 

Now, take a peek to the Palamurchuck-Sayod Nuptial...
Vince was one of the chosen Principal Sponsors here. He also gave a heartfelt advise to the couple during the reception. One of the many things he mentioned which I like the most is that "The wife, no matter what is always right." Lol. He was kidding of course. =) Seriously now, my favorite is that of him saying that in love, we can actually always choose to love, just as Jesus loves us all unconditionally. He also said that God must be the center of the marriage that He may bless it.

Then here for this one, we went to two weddings held on the same day. We didn't have the time to go back home to change so I just wore something that can be fine for both.

Thank goodness, the motif was blue and purple, I think this outfit passed for both. =) The dress code indicated in the invitation also says smart casual so this is what I chose to wear. 

The first wedding we attended for this day was that of the Basa-Abelita couple. The bride, Mary Pearl or "Shanna"as we call her is Vince's cousin from his mother's side of the family.

So here, take a look at Mr. & Mrs. Juan Carlo Basa's most memorable day...

Vince was once again chosen as a Principal Sponsor here.

Then, a little later on that day, we proceeded to yet another one- that of the Bejo-Revil Wedding.

Dress: Zara; Stilettos: Aldo; Purse: LV Damier Speedy

The Bride here- Angel is also Vince's cousin, but this time from his father's side of the family.

Now take a peek... =)

Do you recognize that pretty lady beside me in the photo? She's Vince's cousin EJ, the sister of Angel. She's a commercial model for quite a number of products as well as in big billboards along EDSA (i.e. C2). We are really proud of her! 

I feel really blessed when I attend weddings. I find delight with the fact that God has joined two unique individuals together.

Now, I'd like to share with you this poem I made...

Weddings, Oh What Makes You Glitter! 
by Kaye Celera-Revil
23 April 2012

Gowns, vows, ribbons and hem
Twirls, curls, bride with a gem
Glitter oh glitter, from where do you stem?
Where is thy source, may you share it to them

Beautiful sight, lovely feelings inside
Is it what made people decide
To take the leap and go for the ride
 Where kisses and hugs are not anymore to hide?

It is the time to profess, c'mon oh be brave to confess! 
Oh love is it you that shines? Perhaps love, nothing less.
As we witness let there be no room for any mistress
But faithfulness and forgiveness to reign in such fullness

For I do's regardless how short
 Our society and people respect, remember and support
Annulment, divorce, aha, but a last resort
For marriage once made, oh please never distort!

For behold two souls when brought together in God's court,
Love, trust and hope for each other, must be put forth
To glitter and never wither
With Jesus Christ in thy hearts as Lord and Savior.

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