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Hello! My name is Kaye Celera Revil, welcome to my page! My posts here are mainly on my being any of these- an obedient daughter to my loving parents; a mother to four wonderful children; a wife of a faithful public servant; an Atenean lawyer; the initiator founder of Victoria in Lege Sorority of Ateneo Law; a university scholar and alumna of UP Diliman; a Sigma Deltan; a businesswoman who delights in making other people beautiful; a fashion and food lover; a Filipino Bikolano Masbatenyo who loves Masbate, the Philippines and its people; and a passionate Christian who seeks to live a life that honors God and make a difference. Hope you'll enjoy reading my posts! Feel free to follow, like and subscribe! =)
God bless.

"K" Revealed

Friday, February 24, 2012


You might be thinking "why should I follow you?".  I know, I'm no celebrity...
nor am I great person...

One thing I'm sure about myself is that- I'm a sincere woman with a faithful heart for God. 
I'm passionate about Him and of all the things he has given me, including first and foremost my family. =)
I'm a mother of four and a wife to a loving man.
I'm also a starting lawyer in this beautiful budding Province of Masbate in the Rodeo and Cattle Capital of the Philippines!
I know that I still have a long way to go, but I'm taking it one step at a time. Somehow, I think that I'm already living the life that God intended for me and blogging is among the many ways by which I share to people the beauty that life beholds when God is with us.

We may be Facebook friends or even family, but you might not really know me that much.
So if you think you'd like to know me more, especially why I think the way I think or why I am the way that I am- feeling all blessed and that by our loving Father God,
or simply because you want to be my friend or interact with me 
or that you want to also teach me or share some stuff to me...
Do join me in my journey...
and let's learn from each other.
Hence, I said "Follow me..."

So this particular post focuses on my Boys! =)

Yes, I'm a mom of two boys! To be that has its perks other than the fulfillment of the essence of being a woman.

Look at them, don't they just love me? =) Hehe, I feel like their queen. (This is of course until they meet their special someone someday. I have a sweet and loving mother-in-law, so I'm just gonna be like her, that I promise. Lol.)

Being a mother to boys, opens up my understanding to the other gender. I get to learn their attitude and the way that they think somehow. (More on this in my next posts) =)

Now, meet the man they call "Dad"- my husband. These are some of his activities for the week.

He is Past President of the Rotary Club of Masbate (2004). The present is usually shaped up through it's past. So I say, how he handled it before is also what is being passed on as a legacy to the next leaders of this prestigious socio-civic organization. What I like most about his leadership during that time, apart from it's focus on extending service to others was that he would usually involve the wives and the children of their members. It's been very family-oriented and that has been the unwritten rule until these days.
As we know, the family is the basic social institution, it being the melting pot of values, character and even education. Being that, no less than our Constitution decrees its protection.  We, as citizens must also value and protect our families. It is not just for our own sake and our children, but it is also for the good of our country.
I'm proud that my husband is a family man who loves the Philippines, most especially our Province of Masbate!
 I've always been the #1 fan of Vince Revil! I'm his life's cheerleader! =) That's what women are, we are the best supporters men can ever have, so once they have us, they better take care of us too, right? Lol.
Girl power is here! I'm a women's rights advocate by the way.
I'll post more on that too, soon.

In this one, he was a speaker for this Forum for the Business Sector on employment benefits for the labor force. Being in business ourselves, we really promote the welfare of our employees too. Necessary benefits such as SSS, Philhealth and Pag-ibig coverage- we give to our people. These do not preclude leave benefits (sick leave, maternity leave, etc.) and other bonuses that we graciously give too.
Employee-employer relationship becomes blissful once due respect and regard is mutual.

Now to my fashion blogging...

Style: Simple Yet Chic Look
Top: Details
Pants: Fab 
Shoes: From HK

That's it for now. Feel free to follow, like and subscribe to my posts!
Twitter: @KayeRevil
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God bless all of God's children! <3 Spared no one for sure. =)


  1. love the shoes. I'm a follower..a blogger from masbate too. You always have fab outfits by the way. and the shoes they're all gorgeous. thank u for inspiring us always madam and for being humble despite all the achievements. Love ur blog!!!

    1. Wow! That is so nice of you. Thank you for inspiring me to continue what I've been doing. I really appreciate it that you told me this. Thanks a lot! I followed back at your blog by the way. It's nice to have a fellow blogger from my beloved Masbate. =) Hope to meet you one day. =)

  2. Nice post! Check my blog and follow me if you wanT!


  3. love your pumps!!!

  4. love your pumps! it gives accent to your outfit! btw i saw your blog AMAZING! =)



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"K" Revealed