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"K" Revealed

Friday, February 10, 2012

Liceo De Masbate's 64th Foundation Anniversary: Dekada Saysayan

Liceo De Masbate celebrated it's 64th Foundation Anniversary with a series of fun and meaningful activities. Here in this post is that of its culminating event "Dekada Saysayan"(Decades Foretold), a night of fashion, glamour and extravaganza.

To avoid reprimand from the Philippine Bloggers Directory, for which this blog is under the Beauty and Fashion Category, allow me to post my outfit shots. =)

So this is me. I was told to dress in the 1980s fashion to support the College I am teaching in their entry to the contest. 

I am not so much of an 80s fan, when it comes to style, so this is only what I've got in my closet for it. =)

I actually researched online and I learned that 80s fashion included, oversized tops, leathers and bright colors. So what do you think about my look? 80s enough, right? =)

Ok, done with my fashion blogging, here's now a sneak peek to the event...

As with most formal programs, it started off with these...

Then the Contest Criteria was given and the panel of judges introduced.

Then the contest proper...

 I really enjoyed watching the presentations. The music from the past brought me back some memories. I was partly drifting while watching. I remembered the songs we used to dance during my childhood, I even remembered suddenly the themed parties that we had in our family where we did a lot of fashion shows and modeling among ourselves. Then in my teens were my MTV and Channel V hooked up days. Next would be some of those tunes which I heard often during special events that happened to me, like the dance songs at the place where I first met my husband Vince (<--click his name if you want to get to know him more). Then I felt the adrenaline rush upon hearing the upbeat songs that I used to listen to during studying for the bar exams. I really liked listening to fast beat music while studying then so to keep up with the adrenaline rush, hence the 2000s song really relate a lot to me.  

Music, for me is an experience. The lyrics and tunes of a song may appear the same, but the memories that it bring to people definitely make a difference. Different emotions are evoked as well. 

I've relived my memories in this event. Got really nostalgic for the most part. =)

Next was the Speech and Acknowledgment Message by no other than...

 While the ratings were being tabulated, there were...

Finally, the announcement of...

And as with any event, it won't be complete without the...

I had a great time here. Apart from being entertained, I had some good realizations, ergo:

That my past has been an integral part of who I am today;
That the preparations I made before are paying off for me now;
That the learnings I've gained from the past I must bring to the present and even to the future, but it need not beholden me to past mistakes and learn to move on and accept God's grace;
That despite human effort, things might still be uncertain and we are always at risk.
 There's one thing though that I know that is consistent and constant apart from change:
  That God is God. He was and is and is to come. His love is all that we ever need.

 I thank the Lord for everything in my life. From all the blessings, the learnings and all the chances and most especially the grace He has given me. I claim it for you too! If you are reading this right now, be blessed, God loves you! =)

Once again, Happy Anniversary Liceo De Masbate, I am really happy to be part of you!!!
(as a Professor in the College of Education, teaching Economics, Taxation and Land Reforms)

God bless the generations, God bless His people! 

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