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God bless.

"K" Revealed

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sacro Costato School Family Day 2012

As part of the Sacro Costato Family, with our son Kevin Viktor, being a Nursery student, we joined its Family Day Activity.

 So here are the photos...

Remember when I told you that my husband and I always win at Raffle Draws? Ok, refresh--> we won the following in the span of 10 years of being married: 
1. A trip to Boracay for two with hotel accommodation for 3 days and 2 nights (won at MC Home Depot); 2. A kitchen showcase worth P150,000++ consisting of solingen utensils and cooking set, water purifier/dispenser, air cleaner/condenser, etc. (won at Bayantel Raffle Draw);
 3. A P2000 worth of Grocery at Eunilaine Grocery Store; 
4. A chic bag at the Rockwell Bazaar; 
5. A Cellphone from PLDT Landline; 
5. A Grocery Package at Red Cross Fun Run; 
6. Won straight 4 at Lotto worth 160,000;
7. Won 4 digits at Lotto worth 32,000,
8. etc. etc.

and here too! =) Yey! 

God's blessings are so good! Thank you Lord!

and the Prize is this cutie manicure-pedicure set... =) 
how cute it is, right?

Now, here are...
They had some bonding and talks, and of course us too...
And yes, some time to chat...

I had a great time, especially with my good friend Antonet Lim. =)

Vince and our kids, as well as our friends had a great time together too.

It was definitely an activity worth looking forward to in the next years to come! =)

Thank God for being the center of our family life!

I pray that each family will be blessed with the knowledge that God is the best foundation that a family can ever have. =)

Happy Valentines Day to all of you! =)

God bless us all!!!

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